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Pre-Purchase Inspections For South East Queensland Homes

When buying or selling the property, it is imperative to ensure that you employ the services of a professional firm to carry out a pre-purchase pest inspection and building inspections for the structural defect to avoid any costly problems in the future. Building inspection companies are in the business of providing buyers with peace of mind and security that their valuable purchase does not contain any hidden defects or pesky inhabitants.

pre-purchase pest and building inspectionsPre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections for Gold Coast homes in particular (because of the threat of termites) will show the condition of the building at the time of purchase. After an initial survey of the property the building structures are thoroughly checked, methodically surveying all factors that contribute to structural integrity and safety. This is a thorough, fast, non-invasive process and the results are recorded in a report that will reflect the status of the building structures on the property clearly and accurately. This report provides a valuable tool when negotiating with a buyer or a seller as it shows what condition the building is in as well as any problems anticipated in the future.

An inspection by a qualified and experienced inspector will take between 30 – 60 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the building and the age and condition of the property. Knowing as much as possible about the condition of the property before purchasing can help you make a more informed decision when negotiating the price.

A pre-purchase property inspection will typically include the following:

• windows and doors open easily and don’t get stuck in the frames.
• damp or mould on walls, skirting boards and ceilings
• sagging ceilings
• buckling walls
• rot or damp under floorboards like acoustic flooring or carpets
• taps flow properly, and hot water comes through quickly
• a running cistern in the toilet and no sign blockages when flushed
• sturdy plumbing with no rust or damage to pipes
• hot water system size and age
• damp in wet areas.
• check light switches and fuse boxes to evaluate circuitry age
• check that the Earth Leakage Safety Switch is working
• check general state of the guttering, roof and drain pipes.
• check for major cracks in exterior walls or other defects.
• check for a home energy efficiency rating
• RCD and smoke alarm testing

A timber inspection will reveal previous as well as current pest activity, using advanced technology to help locate the presence of any pests such as termites or rodents. Advanced knowledge of any pest activity or previous damage from pest infestations can help you assess the true value of the property and avoid problems after you have settled in.

Invest in peace of mind regarding a proposed property for purchase before deciding to invest in the property itself by getting a pre-purchase pest and building inspection done professionally.