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Chemical Termite Barriers

Chemical Soil Treatment & Termite Barriers

Termite chemical barriers are treated zones, where liquid termiticides (termite chemicals) provide termite protection around your property. Treated areas stop subterranean termites gaining access into your property.

To initiate the termite barrier, the process basically involves injecting a ‘termiticide’ in drilled holes roughly 150mm-200mm apart (through the concrete or tiled area surrounding the dwelling). The holes are then capped (re-sealed). This will provide a perimeter for termite protection, with the termite barrier effectively cordoning off ‘attack’.

Termidor Termite Protection

Our termiticide of choice is… Termidor. It is lethal to termites and highly effective, in that, the termite cannot detect its presence. As the termites move through treated soil, they come in contact with the Termidor product and without knowing it, they transfer the termiticide throughout the colony – eventually eliminating the entire colony.